Solidor Peg,
to play alone on iPhone

Solidor Peg is an adaptation of Solitaire, also called Peg Solitaire, Brainvita or Salut-Q, depending on the country.

According to the legend, Solitaire was invented in the 17th century by a French aristocrat imprisoned in the Bastille. Actually, this game was already being played in Ancient Rome.

The ultimate Solitaire for iPod and iPhone:

Solidor PegSolidor Peg
Solidor Peg pour iPhone
  • 126 different games.
  • 28 boards (English, French, Wiegleb´s, asymmetrical, diamond, square, triangle, rhombus, hexagon, star, etc.).
  • 28 classic starting situations (center hole empty).
  • 64 variants.
  • 34 figures to get started or practice.
  • 20 graphic themes to personalise the board and pegs. Applicable to all available games.
  • Enhanced regularly with free updates.
  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • Solvable games.
  • Game automatically saved in case of incoming call or voluntary interruption.
  • Multiple games in progress can be saved.
  • Unlimited game cancellations.
  • Timer for honing your mental keenness.
  • Scores stored for each board, variant, and figure.
  • Multiplayer mode with scores saved under different names.

To discover this solitaire game for free, download Solidor Peg Lite for free at the AppStore.

Solidor Peg

Solidor Peg

Version 1.1
Available at App Store



French, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish


Compatible with iPhone,
iPod touch and iPad


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